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About Us

Our Mission

To provide a high quality cleaning at an affordable price.

Our Vision

To transform your carpets and bring new life into them leaving your house feeling great!


Important Note:  Make sure if you hire a carpet cleaner that they include in their services a per-vacuum.  Otherwise, any dry soil will turn to mud if they do a very low moisture technique or a not so thorough hot water extract.  You will know because if you walk around on the carpet barefoot you will notice your feet turn black or brown from the result.  Call us if that happens, we can fix it!


What Our Customers Are Saying


"I really thought you did a great job. You were on time, the price was good and the carpets look wonderful!"

- Barbara G.

"Gabriel has been cleaning area rugs and upholstery at Garden Path School since he started this business. He is prompt, thorough, and detailed. You can tell he wants everything he cleans to look its best. I appreciate the quality of his work and wouldn’t ask anyone else."

-Angela M.



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